Spoľahlivý partner v kovovýrobe


Welding is manufacturing process, with which we deal since beginning of our production and to which quality we put big care and it is one of our main production lines. With regard to high difficulty of parts, 

which we produce (if we consider perfect 


welds or keeping required dimensions) we ensure highest possible level of inspections and 100% searching of all komponents, which were used in production and like this continually improve quality of parts 

produced in our company. Our welders are


certified according to Europ´s welding standards as well as is certified also our company, so that we will be competent to produce also difficult products as are for example chassis for mobile cranes.





Our large workshops and enough capacity of portal cranes give us possibility to produce and manipulate with high dimensional parts and products. 


We everytime search the most efective way for production of parts by special tools, which are designed by us.