Spoľahlivý partner v kovovýrobe


Machining we provide by our own capacities and we offer to our customers complex solutions according to their requiremets. Our machines are specialized for machining of parts on a large scale of dimensions and weight. According to size and difficulty machined part, we everytime choose the

most effective machining process and our  


qualified staff is able to produce also technological difficult parts. We are also able to provide all kinds of coating, casting, heating and heat – chemical treatment of metals and all next technological operations to customer satisfaction. For as much as a lot of parts, which we produce belongs to 



sub - groups and groups of others machines and devices, we offer to our customers complete assembly of final products including pneumatic, electric and hydrulic components. Steel profiles we cut by band saw till max diameter 300 mm with possibility to cut under angles.



Horizontal boring TOS VARNSDORF WD 130 A CNC


Dimensions of table: 6 000 mm x 3 000 mm, max weight 25 t


Travelling of machine: x – 3 200 mm; y – 2 500 mm; z – 1 200 mm


Horizontal boring TOS VARNSDORF WH 10 NC


Dimensions of table (rotary): 1 200 mm x 1 200 mm


Travelling of machine: x – 1 200 mm; y – 1 000 mm; z – 800 mm


Vertical turning machine ( CAROUSEL ) TOS HULÍN SKI 8 NC


Capacity of machine: max diameter 1 100 mm x max high 800mm x max weight 4 000 kg.