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About us

About us

Company DMP Ltd was founded in the year 2006 and started with production in rent workshop, that were purchased and built.


After starting has been production oriented for manufacturing of carriage body for trucks, but base philosohpy of our company was from the beginning build strong and competitive manufacturing company and step by step was our production range increased by more difficult products and 

parts according to requirements of the 


customers from all Europe and now we are able to offer also complete assembly of the customer´s products. 


In the year 2012 were our services increased by repairs of hydraulic arms of all types and brands excavators, loaders and next building machines. Our workshops and technology for machining are matched to manufacturing of bigger, but also smaller steel parts and products. 


At the present time we have 2 000 m2 of manufacturing area, for machining we can offer horizontal boring machines TOS WD 130 A CNC, TOS WH 10 NC, vertical turning machine (KARUSEL) TOS SKI 8 NC and next opportunities. 


For handling with parts we use portal cranes with capacity 1 x 8t, 2 x 5t and 1 x 2t. Our company is certified according to quality management system STN EN ISO 9001:2001 and welding norm DIN 18800 – 7 level E.